Better Me Challenge

Have you had enough? 
Do you:
  • need to get healthy?
  • need to lose weight?
  • need a mind shift?
  • want longer and stronger hair and/or nails?
  • need help managing stress or getting focused?
  • want to get rid of the negative self talk?
  • want to be less anxious?
  • want to build your immune system?
  • need to eat less sugar?
  • want better sleep at night?
  • need more energy?
“Challenge” makes this sound hard, but it really isn’t. The challenge is simply being consistent with your plan and supplements.  There will be weekly mini-challenges along the way, but they are designed to get you to think a bit differently more than anything physical in nature.  Well, maybe we will do a walking challenge! But if you can put one foot in front of the other, you can do this!
Next Challenge Starts: August 1, 2017
Order By: July 25, 2017

Challenge Requirements:
  • Become a Preferred Customer (reduced pricing) and purchase the Plexus Tri-Plex Combo (includes Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, and ProBio5). Or join as a wholesale Ambassador and choose the the TriPlex Welcome Pack.
    • Suggested Add Ons:
      • VitalBiome – clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety
      • XFactor Plus – bioavailable nutrient packed multi-vitamin
  • If joining as an Ambassador, set up your monthly convenience order for the Tri-Plex Combo for the following month (can easily cancel or change this after the challenge)
  • Participate in a secret Better Me Challenge Facebook group. The more you participate, the more successful you will be – and you could win prizes!
  • Keep a diary of your progress on a daily basis, recording every change that you notice throughout the week
  • Drink LOTS of water every day!
  • Take your Tri-Plex Combo supplements every day!
When you join the Better Me Challenge you will be added to a secret Facebook Group where you will join other challengers for daily motivation, encouragement, tips, discussion and more!  You will have support for challenge and product questions as well as instruction on how best to use the products for maximum results!
Weekly Focus and Challenges:
Week 1 – Getting Started with TriPlex / Self Talk Can Be Positive
Week 2 – The 7 Lies of the Enemy (and how they hold you back)
Week 3 – A New Way to Pray
Week 4 – Transitioning Your Choices
Week 5 – Cut It Out! The Dreaded Sugar Fast (and gluten, dairy and soy)
Week 6 – Why Organic? Does it really matter?
Week 7 – Final Push Fitness Challenge
Week 8 – You Did It! Now What?
Better Me Challenge Bonus #1: FREE Daily Food Diary Printable
Better Me Challenge Bonus #2: FREE Prayer Prompts Printables
Better Me Challenge Bonus #3: FREE Seed Digging Worksheet Printable
Better Me Challenge Bonus #4: When you join the Better Me Challenge you will receive FREE weekly one on one coaching sessions from me*! This isn’t just product coaching, this is Life Coaching! I am thrilled to be able to offer this service to you!
Independent Plexus Ambassador #418950
*Free Life Coaching – Available to Preferred Customers and Ambassadors personally sponsored by Stephanie Ferrara. During the 60 Day Challenge, calls will be weekly to discuss your goals, challenges and progress.  After the 60 Day Challenge, coaching sessions will be held monthly for as long as you are a Preferred Customer on TriPlex or an Ambassador in active status and have your convenience order on. After joining, your Welcome Call will be scheduled. During that call, we will choose a time for your weekly Life Coaching sessions.