Better Me

8 Weeks Until Thanksgiving?

We are just 8 weeks away from Thanksgiving. How did that happen?
For me, that conjures up feelings of love and stress, time with family and friends, loads of food that doesn’t stop until the new year, and extra pounds as a parting gift.
But, this year can be different.
This year, you can get a head start on your personal preparations – that mental mind game that you play every year to try to control your eating. You can have willpower over the barrage of company pot lucks, holiday parties and family dinners.  You can move through the holidays with a feeling of control and easily say no to the big piece of pie and the second helping of stuffing.
You don’t have to starve your way through the holidays! You will eat.  And you will eat well and enjoy every meal.  But, you will be able to stop when you are full. You will be able to eat a smaller piece of pie.  You will stop at one plate of food.  And you won’t feel like you are missing out!
You will be totally satisfied with less.
But, to prepare yourself for this annual time of festivities and food – you must get ahead of the game!
That is what we will do in the 60 Day Better Me Challenge starting on October 1st!
“Challenge” makes this sound hard, but it really isn’t. The challenge is simply being consistent with your plan and supplements.  There will be mini-challenges along the way, but they are designed to get you to think a bit differently more than anything physical in nature.  Well, maybe we will do a walking challenge! But if you can put one foot in front of the other, you can do this!
I am looking forward to the holidays this year! I am excited to approach them from a new perspective. You can do this! Let’s do more than just survive the holidays. Let’s thrive during the holidays!
Join the Challenge! It starts next Thursday, October 1st!
Here’s to a happy healthy you!