Better Me Challenge

Have you had enough? 
Do you:
  • need to get healthy?
  • need to lose weight?
  • need a mind shift?
  • want longer and stronger hair and/or nails?
  • need help managing stress or getting focused?
  • want to get rid of the negative self talk?
  • want to be less anxious?
  • want to build your immune system?
  • need to eat less sugar?
  • want better sleep at night?
  • need more energy?
“Challenge” makes this sound hard, but it really isn’t. The challenge is simply being consistent with your plan and supplements.  There will be weekly mini-challenges along the way, but they are designed to get you to think a bit differently more than anything physical in nature.  Well, maybe we will do a walking challenge! But if you can put one foot in front of the other, you can do this!

Challenge Requirements:
  • Become a Preferred Customer (reduced pricing) and purchase the Plexus Tri-Plex Combo (includes Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, and ProBio5). Or join as a wholesale Ambassador and choose the the TriPlex Welcome Pack.
    • Suggested Add Ons:
      • VitalBiome – clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety
      • XFactor Plus – bioavailable nutrient packed multi-vitamin
  • If joining as an Ambassador, set up your monthly convenience order for the Tri-Plex Combo for the following month (can easily cancel or change this after the challenge)
  • Keep a diary of your progress on a daily basis, recording every change that you notice throughout the week
  • Drink LOTS of water every day!
  • Take your Tri-Plex Combo supplements every day!
  • BONUS: Attend 1 monthly coaching call to discuss goals, progress, and challenges
Weekly Focus and Challenges:
Week 1 – Getting Started with TriPlex
Week 2 – Self Talk Can Be Positive
Week 3 – The 7 Lies of the Enemy (and how they hold you back)
Week 4 – The 7 Lies of the Enemy (cont.)
Week 5 – A New Way to Pray
Week 6 – Seed Digging
Week 7 – Transitioning Your Choices
Week 8 – You Did It! Now What?
Better Me Challenge Bonus #1: FREE Daily Food Diary Printable
Better Me Challenge Bonus #2: FREE Prayer Prompts Printables
Better Me Challenge Bonus #3: FREE Seed Digging Worksheet Printable
Better Me Challenge Bonus #4: When you join the Better Me Challenge you will receive a FREE 30 minute Mindset Reset session from me*! This isn’t product coaching, this is Life Coaching! I am thrilled to be able to offer this service to you!
Independent Plexus Ambassador #418950
*BONUS Mindset Reset – Available to Preferred Customers and Ambassadors personally sponsored by Stephanie Ferrara. Once you join the 60 Day Challenge, a Welcome Call will be scheduled to discuss your goals, challenges and progress.  After the first 30 days, your Bonus Mindset Reset coaching session will be scheduled.