Envision Your Future Live Workshop

Coming soon to Little Rock, AR…

One of my favorite things to do when I was in high school was to scour magazines and tear out pictures that meant something to me, that had something that I wanted, or a beautiful dress or pair of boots. I would tear out page after page and use my favorite rubber cement glue and stick them into a sketchbook. I can’t tell you how many sketchbooks I filled. I could spend hours doing it. A few years ago I got to do it again! One night, my small group decided to make vision boards. I had never made a true vision board, but I loved the idea and the intention behind it.

Plus, we had a ton of fun doing it together as a group!

My personal vision board in my bathroom window so I see it every day!

I came home and put the vision board in my bathroom window. I’ve looked at it for a couple of years now. After looking at it for maybe a month I decided I needed to be a little more intentional and not just glance at it, but pray about it. So I would look at my board and I would pray for the Holy Spirit to highlight where he wanted my attention. On one side I had pictures and word phrases such as “see what God sees”,  “pray more intentionally”, and “rest”. On the other side I had pictures and word phrases related to ministry, work and business. I would ask the Holy Spirit to highlight what I needed to pray about that day. Over the years, I have removed a few pictures, added a few new ones and written a few new phrases. As I look at my vision board now, I can see how so much of it has happened and I want to share that experience with you.

So, I am hosting a vision board workshop.

This one will actually go a little more in depth than what I did with my small group a few years ago and I can’t wait to see how being so intentional on the front end will create even bigger results! We won’t go straight to the glue and scissors and magazines. We will spend some time really thinking about what we want in life. Where we want to grow. And only then will we get the magazines out and start looking for pictures that represent what we have intentionally defined as the life we want. This is going to be powerful for you. I’m so excited to watch what happens and to hear your testimony in a month, a year or even two years from now when you share with our group how that board created such massive intention and how your life has changed! Now of course I know the board itself isn’t what’s going to change your life. It is your intention and your focus on the things you have set before your eyes. The things that matter to you.  This is not about stuff. It’s not about a gold watch, a big house, sexy car. It is about happiness, growth, intention, and peace.

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