A Little Bit of Life

Is fear holding you back from success?


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR.” -George Addair
I learned something about myself last Thursday. I went to Freedom Prayer and Jesus showed me a lie that I have let influence my life for a very long time.
Fear of Failure.
From what I can tell it either started in high school with my fear of disappointing a very important teacher, or even earlier when I disappointed my dad.
Since these lies get planted by the devil very early in life, I am pretty sure it was related to disappointing my dad when I was about 8 or 9 years old.
My dad was always a very even tempered man. I don’t remember making my dad get angry except one time. Even when I didn’t do my chores or did something worth getting grounded, he never showed anger. But this one incident when I did something that he had told me repeatedly not to do because it was potentially physically dangerous to me, that one time he got angry.
It was for my own good and my safety.
It was the only time I can remember him spanking me, though I am sure it happened more than that. But this one time, satan took the opportunity to plant a lie in me that I had failed my dad.
Did I disappoint him? Yes. Was he concerned for my safety? Yes. Did I deserve the spanking? Yes, definitely. But had I failed him? No. 
Did you know that God feels the same way my dad did?
He may be disappointed in decisions we make, but he never sees us as failing him.
Failing is a feeling the devil plants in us.
All God wants to do is pick us up out of our mess, our mistakes, dust us off, hug us, tell us he loves us, helps us learn from the mistake, and then sends us on our way to move forward. Never looking back at that mistake or holding it against us.
God forgives and forgets.  It is the devil who doesn’t let us forget, even when we have been forgiven.
Last night, it was clear that I am not a failure.
There are signs all around me every day that I am not failing in life. Have I made mistakes? You bet I have! But those mistakes do not define who I am today. Those mistakes do not define my future.
Just as your mistakes do not define you or your future!