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We all have our insecurities. Even the most famous and successful people in the world have insecurities.  Some hide them better than others, but I think they help us stay humble and not proud. They test our faith, especially when we are insecure and second guess what God has called us to do. The devil uses insecurity to separate us from our faith, especially when we are headed in the right direction and on God’s path.

Change the way you think about your insecurities.

Realize you can use them to grow closer to God. Through prayer, God will tell you if your insecurities are well founded or of the deceiver.  It is usually the latter, especially when you are pushing toward something big! It could be something personal you are dealing with or trying to do differently. It could be something really big, like speak in front of people and share your story. When we are focused on repairing ourselves and becoming the best we can be, the deceiver will plant seeds of doubt in our minds in an effort to stop this great thing from happening. He likes you right where you are: weak and scared, a slave to your pain.  Don’t let him get away with it! 

Always take your insecurities before God. He will show you the truth.

I am not saying that if you get the idea that you are going to sail the world, and you are a bit insecure about your ability to carry out your plan, that you should just hop on the first boat you see and take off!  If you have no idea where to start and you have no sailing experience, your insecurities are probably well founded.  However, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry out your task. It just means you are probably going to need some experienced help and some training.

Recognize insecurity as a sign that you are doing the right thing. Otherwise, why would the devil try to reel you back in by feeding the insecure thoughts in your head?

Have you ever been on a great path? You have clear direction and you know exactly what to do. Then, someone throws a wrench in your plans and creates an obstacle. Is your first thought, “I should have never tried to do this anyway. Who was I kidding?” or is your first thought, “Wait a minute! No one is knocking me off course. There has to be a way around this!”

When you are dealt a hard blow to your self-esteem when you are in the midst of a life change, it must mean you are on to something big! Push through it! Ignore that insecure voice in your head and fill your head with encouraging thoughts.  Tell yourself how strong you are.  Tell yourself that you are going to succeed.  

Push through with God at your side.  You will do amazing things!

Love you guys,

Stephanie Ferrara

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