A Little Bit of Life

Why Do We Close Ourselves Off to Others?

Why do we continually talk down to ourselves? Why do we let the entertainment industry and media dictate how we should look? Why do we close ourselves off to others?

We are just so hard on us.

We look in the mirror and say, “Ugh, I’m so fat.” or “I wish I was pretty.” or “I hate my arms!” We go about our day and chastise ourselves for not getting everything on the To Do list done. We criticize the way we keep our house. We are afraid to discuss our feelings because what if what we are thinking is just crazy or too much or too emotional?

We must get out of our own heads!!

As you continue to dialogue with yourself in your head, you open the door for the deceiver to chime in along side you and agree with you. But, deceiving is just what he does.

Ladies, we were meant to live in a world full of other women and men who we can talk to and be honest with. We were meant to live in community with each other.

I am so grateful for the ladies in my life. They build me up. The tell me I am not crazy, nuts and insane just because I have concerns or worry about something that isn’t going the way I want it to. They pray with me, for me and lay hands on me and pray over me. Sharing my story with them leads to inner healing for me.

I would be a MESS if I just bottled that up and kept it inside!

I want to encourage you today to seek out other women with whom you can be vulnerable. Women who will not chastise you. Women who will help to set you back on the right path. Women who will intercede for you through prayer. Women to celebrate the wins with and who will sit with you in your pain, right where you are.

If you don’t already have these women in your life (and you only really need 2 or 3), please seek them out. It could be a sister, a neighbor, or the mother of your child’s best friend. Step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to the ladies you sit next to every week at your child’s practice. Or the ladies you see every week in your exercise class.

I am not giving you advise that I do not have to remind myself of every now and then, too.

I used to be the mom who sat quietly at practice working on something, reading my emails or scanning Facebook. I never looked up to even see who was sitting next to me. I am an introvert. I have never sought out friendships.

Over the last year as I have gotten more involved in ministry and have made new friends, I realized that I was living under a lie from the deceiver that I never fit in.

Why try to make new friends, I am always the outsider.


I never let myself be invited in. I turned down invitations because I was uncomfortable with these new people.

That was until I had a good friend pointed out to me that I was not an outsider. She told me that I was wanted within the circle. She lifted me up. I was reminded that I have something to offer to a tight group of women walking on a similar path.

I want you to know that you have something to offer as well. The awesome thing is that when you begin to offer up yourself and share life with others, your life gets so much better!!!

Give yourself some grace. Take a deep breath. Introduce yourself to the person next to you. There could be a beautiful friendship sitting there just waiting for someone to speak first.

With love,

Coach Stephanie