Slim 7 Challenge


7 Day Plexus Slim Challenge Starts July 17th! – Order by July 12

Burgers, corn on the cob, pasta salad, baked beans – the makings of your classic weekend BBQ, right? And I am eating it all. You see, one of the best things about using Plexus is that you don’t have to count calories or starve yourself to lose weight. As you consistently use the supplements, you find it just takes less to fill you up. You find you mysteriously quit eating that late night bedtime snack. You find your cravings change from sugary snacks to fresh foods. Sure, you could probably get there faster if you starve yourself, but what happens when you start eating real food again? 

Plexus is a line of all natural supplements that heal your gut and help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day. Plexus is not a miracle overnight weight loss product. You feel better because your body is working as designed. Because your body is working as designed, you just happen to lose weight (if that is what your body needs to do).

What have others experienced in just 7 days?

  • Days 1 and 2 – I feel more energetic but the main thing is that I’ve had no sugar cravings or diet coke cravings…this is huge for me.
  • EXCITING NEWS: I slept better last night than I have in months! I didn’t even take a sleep aid!
  • Day 3. I have been tired today from a long day yesterday, short night (though I slept well), then another long day out in the heat. However, I have not wanted any Dr Pepper or coffee, I’m not eating as much, I am desiring healthier foods, and even though they are not completely gone, my sugar cravings are much less than they were 4 days ago.
  • Today is day 4 for me. I have had my pink drink each day around 2:30 but today started a little earlier (1 pm) just because I was excited to drink it. Ha! I have definitely noticed that my appetite is decreased. In fact, my hubby planned a date night for us last night and I didn’t even finish all of my Slim yesterday afternoon because I wanted to be sure I was hungry for our special dinner! Haha! I feel that I am starting to crave water and really have been okay not drinking soda. Not even once and I always have a coke in the afternoon!
  • Day 4 of Plexus, I woke up this morning very tired after being up a lot of the night with the baby. I really wanted to have my husband watch the baby while I went back to sleep but I knew I had a lot to do today. So I drank my Slim and started my day! I’m happy to say that it’s 2pm and I am feeling great! Lots of energy!
  • Day 1 had my first slim drink and had supper about and hour later… when finished eating I was actually satisfied and didn’t want anything else…
  • Yesterday was day 1 taking plexus slim. I took it around 11am. Things I noticed…feeling satisfied after 1 helping, not feeling hungry every hour and snacking, tad bit more energy, and best of all….NO SNACKING before bed!

Wow! That is so awesome to see how just a few days of Plexus Slim can make such an amazing difference! Order your own 7 Day Trial Pack today and be one day closer to your own Plexus story!

It is time to give it a try!

Order by July 12th to Join the July 17th Slim 7 Challenge!  

Everyone who purchases a 7 Day Trial pack will be placed into a PRIVATE Facebook group. The purpose of the group is to receive tips and encouragement, ask all of your questions, and share your experience during the 7 days of the challenge. 

Join the Slim 7 Challenge Now!

  1. Purchase your 7 Day Slim Trial pack
  2. I will add you to the 7 Day Slim Challenge Facebook group
  3. Once you receive your order, check in within the group, post a selfie and introduce yourself!
  4. Don’t change ANYTHING else about your day! Not what you eat or your level of activity – at least not specifically for this challenge.
  5. Day 1 through 7 post a quick update on how you feel.
  6. That’s it! It is really simple!

Ready to get started? You could be feeling very different within just 7 days!

Order your 7 Day Trial Pack today, and let’s get going! 


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