A Little Bit of Life

Why I Sell Plexus

Recently I had someone ask me “Just what are you trying to get out of your Plexus business?” I didn’t have to think hard to answer. I have thought about this many times over. Is it money? I mean sure, extra money is nice, but I already make a great income at my job. Am I not happy with my job? No. That’s not it. I love the work that I do and the challenge in it.

Then why not just take the products, get healthy, and just be happy with that?

Well, because God made me for more. I found a great thing. I can’t keep it to myself. That is just selfish.

I think about all of the people that I know, and those I haven’t met yet. I think about how much the products could really help them feel better.  I think about how just a few hundred extra dollars a month could truly change their lives.  I think about the ministries I could help fund if I had just a few hundred more dollars a month to give away.

And I think about the reason God set me on this earth.

He has commissioned me to encourage women, to guide them, mentor them, and help them see the potential and calling that God set inside of them.

My Plexus business is a tool that I use to help others reach their goals.